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About Us

Our world today needs sympathy and solidarity between people more than anything else. As people are living among each other in the great human society and smaller societies, they are linked to each other. But the separation between people which has been formed today all over the world should be eliminated and we must try to achieve empathy and solidarity between all humans. This is one of the greatest desires of humans and human rights activists and everyone knows that this goal may never come true, but they keep trying to reach this goal and might even lose their lives in their path because that’s how they like this world to be.

Many anthropologists believe that human being is unpredictable due to its unknown and mysterious nature and it cannot be expected from this unknown creature to stop trying to get more pleasure, conquests, wealth, power, and libido in its life. It cannot be expected either that this creature would prefer humanitarian beliefs and ideologies to religious ones and that’s why it cannot be expected from him to build a utopia. But this human being has an amazing nature without considering the elements of nationality, language, religion, or skin color.

This human being has some mysterious and pure feelings because God has created a unique soul for him that already has a deep humanitarian and philanthropist feelings which can be activated by pushing a single button.

By reading the history of humans, we can find out that with kindness, love and truth we can activate this button in all human kinds and in today’s world, this truth seeking button can be turned on if humans’ souls are placed in a humanitarian situation apart from policies of authoritarian governments who control peoples’ minds for the sake of their political goals. We can be hopeful that more people will join this humanitarian and unselfish community and future generations can more than before recognize the nature of this global family with regard to the day by day advancement of technology and social media. These people how deem the world as a unified family and try hard to preserve the planet, humanity and great human concepts and reach our today’s goal step by step.

We strive to work on this path to tell everyone about the sweet and bitter truths of humanity and open the path for spreading the endless energies of love, amity and humanity by using the philanthropist and humanitarian guides of heroes and legends of our lands who have issued the most beautiful instructions and international humanitarian statements thousands of years ago to protect the global family and unified humanity regardless of today’s boundaries.

We work by this guide as saying:


Human beings are members of a whole

In creation of one essence and soul

If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members uneasy will remain

If you have no sympathy for human pain

The name of human you cannot retain


Poem by Saadi Shirazi