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journalism is one of the most difficult but beautiful occupations that requires experience; the experience of being present at unique and strange events, sweet and bitter observations, awareness and an increased level of understanding of today’s world and maybe most importantly, the experience of feeling and understanding human senses which does not occur much for many people nowadays.

“The effective role of journalist and journalism has always been clear in people’s everyday life across the world and in many cases, the results of their activity have saved a country or many people on the verge of perish.”

But specifically in media and journalism, because of their independence from governments and state media, independent journalists have always been hard-working, die-hard and devoted people who have always sought to reveal truth in their worst job and financial conditions and spared no effort in their humanitarian activities. Latest wars and crises, since 2001 until today, and the global publication of many human crimes in and the passage of many of UN resolutions are the fruits of the sacrifices and endless efforts of these independent journalists, reporters and photographers.

Our international media organization has been launched by Mr.Abedin Mahdavi one of reporters to help resolve the medical and legal problems of butterfly patients and you can view the information on its humanitarian activity on his personal web site.

We ask all independent journalists, correspondents, photographers and documentary makers to join this institute as honorary journalists and participate in this humanitarian activity.

This membership is official and a certificate along with a membership card will be issued and sent for all members after singing up.

You can see membership conditions, type of cooperation, field of activity in the institute’s projects in the following link.


Journalists interested in membership and cooperation with the institute should first fill in the registration form and upload their resume in Microsoft Word format so that a membership card would be issues and sent for them.

In you are not interested in cooperation in this area, then you can assist us in our path by re-posting our posters with #fighteb & #fightebiran  hashtags so other journalists might get interested in working with us and participate in this humanitarian activity for saving the lives of these children.

1 minute+1 megabyte= 1 Butterfly Children life`s Save  ( Global Movement )

#fighteb is the largest and most influential international hashtag on all social pages, especially Twitter, and it is the most common and only global hashtag for raising awareness about this disease, voluntary activities and cultural and social activities of the EB children. We, as an international voluntary media organization, have joined this global hashtag as well and are working to publish all the news and related issues to the EB patients and EB patients in Iran by spreading #fightebiran hashtag on social media.


We ask all volunteers, media activists, donors and journalist to help us and the EB children and by joining these two global campaigns related to this media organization and publish and share all the news related issues on social media along with the above mentioned hashtags.

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