Fifteen butterflies flew in two years

Fifteen butterflies flew in last year

Fifteen butterflies flew in last year

These children have been under “medicine sanction “since “May 2018” without access to any medication or bandage.

but still, they refused to give up and endured more pain trying to maintain their social and educational situations.

While “15 children have died in the past year” and the whole EB patients community in Iran are aware of that, have did not lost their hope and are still struggling with the disease. ( for more information please check this page )

US sanctions have violated the basic human rights principles against all Iranian citizens in their right for development and healthcare. Although humanitarian goods such as food and medicine have been exempted from the sanctions, but they have also been violated, and enforcement agencies have consistently enforced those laws to make the food and medicine industry more vulnerable to the sanctions.

In fact, when a country’s financial system is closed due to sanctions, all areas including food and medicine suffer the most of pressure and by this, sanctions violate the basic and vital rights of citizens and severely disrupt the people’s food security and health system. This is exactly the case with Iranian butterfly patients.

European companies (specifically, a Swedish pharmaceutical company that manufactures specialized bandages for these patients and has been trading with Iran for many years) have refused to sell these medicines to Iran because of the sanctions targeting the country’s monetary transactions; in the meantime, 15 children have lost their lives and due the lack of medicine while according to doctors and experts, their pain increased by “70 percent”.