Iranian Butterfly Children News in World Media

Since 23 Oct until six consecutive days, over 114 international news agencies  across the world and many local medias in the united states, Britain, Germany, Italy, and other European countries have published reports on the damage, impact and human rights violations of US medical sanctions on Iran against ordinary people and released various documents as well.

These reports were published after the first interview with Abedin Mahdavi, Iranian photographer, filmmaker and human rights activist, who made and interview with Germany’s DW and spoke about the global movement of collecting medical aid for Iran’s butterfly children and stated that 15 children have lost their lives under the pressure of US sanctions since 2018.

After this interview, many news agencies started to repost and collecting more data regarding this issue.

In 29 Oct , Human Rights Watch publishes a report under the name “Maximum Pressure” which is based on documents and collected information. This report verifies all these information and reports and confirms the damage of US economic sanctions against Iranians’ rights for health.

You can see parts of the released reports in the below gallery .