Medicine Donate

Medicine Donate

As explained in the What we do section,

this organization is being privately and voluntarily run and managed. According to the policies set forth by our founder and board of director, Mr. Abedin Mahdavi’s affiliated entities, they does not accept any financial support from any individual, entity or a government body so they can easily maintain their independence in the news, reports and humanitarian activities.

However we welcome and appreciate any new ideas and we call on all people around the world to join the medicine support campaign for these children and save the children by sending them medical aid.

The purchase of the medicines needed for the butterfly children in Iran are currently prohibited due to sanctions imposed Iran resulted from the political conflicts with the US government since May 2018. These children have been deprived of their basic rights and 15 of them have died since then due to the lack of medicines.

The pharmaceutical company which has been providing Iran with these medicines has publicly announced that it cannot make any financial transaction with the Iranian government or entities. The representative of the Iranian government in this sector also responded to our reporter’s question about the latest situation of these medicines, that government has written a request to all these companies and described the critical situation of these children, but they refused to cooperate because they are afraid of US sanctions and Washington’s unpredictable behavior.

For this reason, we have launched a global movement for medicine support of Iranian eb children. Currently, anyone can sign up as a volunteer after joining this global campaign and then can purchase the medicines listed on this page in their home country or city and inform us.

Our organization’s volunteers, as a Lover Postman, receive medication packages purchased by donors from across the world and send them to Iran while we deliver the packages to the butterfly children and to EB Home (the sole care and relief center for EB children).

Therefore, we ask all donors and volunteers to make documents of their purchases and deliveries of the relief packages by taking a photo or a selfie photo with a smile on their face and by writing #fighteb and #fightebiran hashtags on a paper or the aid package and sending us their photos and publishing them on social media, join our global campaign to attract other donors and volunteers from around the world to this global movement.