our founder

Our founder

Abedin Mahdavi, as an Iranian international photographer and a filmmaker, is known by many of the world’s peace activists, media activists, human rights activists, and cultural and artistic activists in the field of war children and they are in constant contact with him and know him as the youngest war and peace photojournalist who has dedicated his personal life to a Humanitarian cause.

He has served as a photojournalist and filmmaker in more than 17 Conflict countries around the world since 2001 and he has experienced more than 10 natural disasters serving as a rescuer and crisis management specialist.

He has been through a lot of hardships such as being injured, taken into custody and suffered from certain illnesses. In an interview in 2007 he stated: “I have been beaten all over the world and this is an honor for me.”

As an Iranian Young Artist, he has the largest holding of international NGOs which are Holy Children Art Studio, International Humanity Film Institute (HFI), International Institute for Dynamic Peace Ideas (IPDPI), International Institute of Sustainable Development (ISD ), and Earth Bright international Media Institute  which is currently covering media and news about Butterfly children.


The Sustainable Development Institute and Humanity Film Institute, which acts as a consultative body for the United Nations Human Rights Council, is one of the most powerful international institutions active in many human rights issues.

These institutions, are funded by Abedin Mahdavi`s filmmaking`s profits of humanity film Institute and Holy Children Art Studio and sometimes receives donations from active international organizations on human rights.

It should be noted, however, that his cultural and artistic activities in Iran have always encountered many problems with the cultural organizations of the Iranian government, and not only he has not received support but some have always sought to prevent many of his activities. He has been working for two years to launch and run a global movement for butterfly children as a worldwide campaigns, Medicine Donate Global Movement & 1 Min+1 MB=1 EB Children life`s Save.  

Earth Bright media institute has launched this voluntary international media organization dubbed “EBCHILDREN” so he can show to everyone the pain and the suffering of these children and work to relief their pains. Abedin Mahdavi said at the latest TEDx conference in 2018 :

“that he and his works are aimed to demonstrate our humanitarian similarities in today’s world, and all the people in the world must work for a jubilant world because stating differences is the mankind’s biggest mistake in today’s world.”


His video statement is on the following link and we ask you to share it on your social media pages and join this global campaign: