Registration Form

Registration Form

We are glad that you are joining our humanitarian campaign and we hope by removing worthless and materialistic obstacles in our today’s world, with the help of communication and social media we can achieve a global happy and sustainable family.

Please pay attention to the followings after filling in the form:

  • Please choose your campaign type (you can join more than one).
  • If you are interested in joining medicine donate campaign please fill in all the fields of the form especially your contact information.
  • If you are interested to be our voluntary and honorary journalist, visit be our journalist page and be in contact with us through the links in the page.
  • If you want to assist us in purchasing medicines, pay attention to the followings:
  • Make sure to buy Mepilex brand specifically and avoid buying similar medications. Other medicines would not be useful for the patients fir the reasons stated in page Why Fight For 
  • Pay attention to the expire date of the medicine. Should be use able for at least one year.
  • You can see the medicines and bandages needed for EB patients along with their photos at the bottom of the page. You can purchase a monthly package for a patient (the needed items and their number are stated).
  • Please do not include anything in your donated packaged expect for medicines since we try to respect their feelings and act in an indiscriminate behavior toward all patients.
  • Please contact and inform us after your purchase so we can make the necessary coordination for the package delivery.
  • Please document all the stages of your purchase and send us the photos.
  • Please write #fighteb and #fightebiran hashtags on the packages and send them to us and share the photos on your social media pages with the same hashtags.
  • In response to your kindness, the EB children will send you handwriting, letter, drawing, or a souvenir after we receive your donation packages and deliver them to the children. Please inform if you receive their gifts and post their photos with the above mentioned hashtags on your social media pages.

NOTE: Please contact us in case you have any question for signing up and sending the packages. The institute volunteers will be ready to respond your questions 24 hours a week.

Medication needed for EB patients

1.First priority

Products each are “very critical” for the patients:   

  • Mepilex Lite 20*50 cm – 2 for each patient a month

  • Mepilex Transfer 20*50 cm – 1  for each patient a month
  • Tubifast (Red Line + blue Line )1  for each color for each patient a month
  • Mepitac  2cm*3 m – 1  for each patient a month

2.Second priority

Products can be “very useful” for the patients :

  • Mepilex Ag  20*50 cm – 1  for each patient a month

  • Mepitel One 10*18 cm –  2  for each patient a month
  • Mepilex (simple) 10*10 com – 2  for each patient a month

Attention for Registration form

In the Registration Form,

Full Package means you donate first and second priority for one or more patients and  you donate 11 medicine for 1 month.

Single items means you donate first or second priority or Any of the medicine you select to donation.

Note : We suggest that you buy all of the items if possible so that an eb patients can be treated for a whole month and if not you can buy each of the listed items.
* We respect your privacy 100%, so the information that you provide will remain strictly confidential.