what we do

What We Do !

Raising awareness and publishing facts are among the biggest tasks for media and media related to NGOs so that every organization can do its job properly in within its area of expertise. This kind of awareness is one of the most difficult news activities because you have to tell the truth, often using your own power without any enforced policy from a particular government or organization, and mostly for telling these facts, one has to go through a lot of hardships.

If you are doing a humanitarian work or working in the field of human rights and its basics, this activity will be much more difficult and the problems of this path will multiply. You should continue your activity with greater precision and order and observe all aspects of respect for the subject, audience and the principles of truth telling.

Our organization has been globally active in international peace, war children, street children, children’s rights as well as Sustainable Development since 2002 with the management of Mr. Abedin Mahdavi. After two years of research on issues related to EB ( Epidermolysis Bullosa ) and issues related to Butterfly Children in Iran and other countries, the organization decided to launch  International Voluntary Media Organization called “EBCHILDREN” in ​​early 2019 with the following goals. This organization has begun its work by employing 12 journalists and its working to recruit media volunteers in order to broaden this media and continue to operate internationally. We currently have full-time and part-time media volunteers in Iran, Switzerland and Italy and are working to expand this activity.

Our Main Goals:

– Raising public awareness for better understanding EB. ( Epidermolysis Bullosa )

– Expressing the pains and problems and of Butterfly Children in Iran and worldwide.

– Demonstrating Our  Heroes of this disease and their scientific, cultural, artistic, athletic and social abilities.

– Gaining media support for a better coverage for the success of these patients and butterfly children to increase their self-esteem.

– Creating an independent, international media for butterfly patients who can express their personal and professional statements internationally and share their wishes and abilities with others.

– Providing cultural, artistic and media support for all active organization supporting butterfly children.

– Building a media communication bridge between people and patients for a continuous and effective presence and in human societies.

– Establishing a popular and voluntary platform for providing sanctioned medicinal needs for butterfly children in Iran.

( Medicine Donate Global Movement )

– Attracting volunteers and donors from around the world to help Iranian patients and children.

– Introducing active and successful activists, volunteers, physicians and experts in the field of relief and assisting butterfly patients as world-class champions fighting EB.